Sell Your Unregistered Car

How to Sell Your Unregistered Car in Adelaide

Selling an unregistered car can seem daunting, especially with the myriad of rules and regulations. However, with the right guidance and understanding of the process, you can successfully sell your unregistered car in Adelaide without unnecessary hassle. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps and provide valuable tips to ensure a smooth and profitable transaction.

1. Understand the Legalities

Check the Regulations

Before you start the selling process, it’s crucial to understand the legal requirements for selling an unregistered car in South Australia. Check with the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI) for the latest rules and regulations. This will help you avoid any potential legal issues.

Obtain a Notice of Disposal

When selling an unregistered car, you need to complete a Notice of Disposal form. This form notifies the DPTI that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. Ensure all details are correctly filled out and submit the form promptly after the sale.

2. Prepare Your Car for Sale

Clean and Maintain

First impressions matter. Clean your car thoroughly, both inside and out. A well-presented vehicle is more likely to attract potential buyers. Consider minor repairs and maintenance to make your car more appealing and potentially increase its value.

Gather Necessary Documents

Ensure you have all the necessary documents ready, including:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Vehicle service history
  • Receipts for any recent repairs or maintenance
  • Identification (e.g., driver’s license)

3. Set a Competitive Price

Research the Market

To set a competitive price for your unregistered car, research the market. Check online platforms, classifieds, and local dealerships to see the going rates for similar makes and models. Consider the condition of your car and adjust the price accordingly.

Be Transparent About the Registration Status

Clearly mention that the car is unregistered in your advertisements. Transparency builds trust with potential buyers and ensures there are no surprises during negotiations.

4. Advertise Effectively

Choose the Right Platforms

Utilize multiple platforms to reach a broader audience. Popular options include:

  • Online classifieds (e.g., Gumtree, Carsales)
  • Social media platforms (e.g., Facebook Marketplace)
  • Local newspapers and community boards

Craft a Compelling Ad

Create an engaging advertisement with a detailed description of your car. Include key information such as:

  • Make, model, and year
  • Kilometers driven
  • Condition of the car
  • Any recent repairs or upgrades
  • Price and negotiation terms
  • Contact details

Use High-Quality Photos

High-quality photos can significantly impact the success of your ad. Take clear, well-lit pictures from various angles, highlighting the car’s best features. Include photos of the interior, exterior, engine, and any unique aspects.

5. Screen Potential Buyers

Be Cautious and Safe

When dealing with potential buyers, prioritize your safety. Arrange meetings in public places and, if possible, bring a friend or family member along. Verify the identity of the buyer before proceeding with any test drives.

Verify the Buyer’s Information

Ensure that the buyer has a valid driver’s license and is genuinely interested in purchasing the car. Ask for their contact details and be cautious of any red flags, such as reluctance to provide information or unusual payment methods.

6. Negotiate and Finalize the Sale

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Expect potential buyers to negotiate the price. Be prepared to justify your asking price with the car’s condition and any recent maintenance or upgrades. Set a minimum acceptable price beforehand to avoid settling for less than you deserve.

Complete the Paperwork

Once you’ve agreed on a price, complete the necessary paperwork. Ensure the Notice of Disposal form is filled out correctly and submit it to the DPTI. Provide the buyer with a receipt and retain a copy for your records.

Arrange Payment

Secure payment before handing over the keys. Preferred methods include bank transfers, cashier’s checks, or cash. Avoid accepting personal checks to minimize the risk of fraud.

7. Consider Professional Help

Car Removal Services

If selling the car privately seems overwhelming, consider using a car removal service. Companies like SA Wide Car Removal specialize in buying unregistered cars, offering competitive prices and hassle-free transactions. They handle all the paperwork and even provide free towing services, making the process convenient and efficient.


Some dealerships may also buy unregistered cars. While they might offer slightly lower prices compared to private buyers, the process is usually quicker and more straightforward. Contact local dealerships to inquire about their policies on purchasing unregistered vehicles.


Selling your unregistered car in Adelaide doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By understanding the legal requirements, preparing your car, setting a competitive price, advertising effectively, screening potential buyers, and finalizing the sale properly, you can successfully navigate the process. Remember, transparency and thorough preparation are key to ensuring a smooth and profitable transaction. If in doubt, consider seeking professional assistance from car removal services or dealerships to simplify the process. Happy selling!